Another Milestone Coming Soon

As long as I have been reading blogs I have seen many posts related to the concept of what it takes to be good at something. The most consistent idea is that you can become masterful at something if you are willing to give it your time and attention. Specifically ten thousand hours. It’s an idea made popular in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers.

The point is that 10,000 hours of hard work can lead to success. You don’t get good at something, you don’t become masterful, without dedicating yourself in some way. Not everything takes 10,000 hours of course, but that much dedicated study, practice, and development would set you apart.

In a few months, I will reach one-half million hours of life. Five hundred thousand hours. I’ve probably spent about one hundred and fifty thousand of those hours sleeping, so I’ve gotten pretty good at that part. And I think I know a thing or two about eating.

From a professional career standpoint, I estimate that I have put in about seventy-five thousand hours. There are two, maybe three things that I would consider myself a relative expert in based on how I spent those hours, but masterful? Maybe not. There were disciplines that I spent time in, like engineering, that I did well with, but couldn’t envision as a life-long career.

Aubie, on a lazy Sunday

Although I’ve spent more than one hundred fifty thousand waking hours as a husband, I’m still working at that. Feedback tells me that I have some room to improve in this area. But only a little.

As far as parenting goes, I have less to practice on these days, but I am pleased to see the results of that work taking hold in the worlds of my children.

Still in progress: Becoming a better writer and a better photographer.

Have you put in the time?


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