Day 6,626 – High School Graduation

I live in a neighborhood directly across the street from a high school. Like every year, the banner goes up in front of the neighborhood entrance congratulating the seniors who are moving on to the next phase of their lives. This school routinely graduates about 550-600 kids each year.

I went to the school my brothers went to, a college prep school on the west side of Cleveland. Graduating class size was near 300. By the time I started college, I realized that the cost of my college education was going to be less than the cost of my High School education. But in truth, it was worth it (well, I guess my parents thought so anyway). Those years, the ones that are painful for so many, were painful for me. But they were growthful as well.

I had friends in elementary school, but I learned about community in high school. I learned about being me, and that being me isn’t an accidental finding, it is the result of a series of decisions, mistakes, and accomplishments. I learned that principles matter, that sports can be a great community builder, and that even those that we think have it all have some of the secrets, regrets, and insecurities that normal people have.

I learned the difference between advice and guidance, and that the latter isn’t always provided by someone who has your best interests in mind, because they can’t really know what that is.

And I learned that chariot race re-enactments could be fun. And apparently still are.

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