Day 19,999 – Today

cupcakeLike most people, I enjoy a little special attention, and gifts, and cake of course. But I never have been a big birthday person. Years come and go, but the markers – the milestones – are the events that have an impact on your life. The ones that make you consider your core values and make some choices.

I had one surprise party in all these years. For my 40th birthday my wife cleverly arranged a party nowhere near the actual date. What was really special about it was the way she planned it all out, and the people she included. I’ll remember that one.

But tomorrow is a big deal to me. Twenty thousand days. Almost makes me feel like I should have accomplished more, or contributed more than I have so far. When Mozart was my age, he had been dead for nineteen years!

Next week I will celebrate crossing the twenty thousand day threshhold with a half marathon in Maui. I won’t set any personal records, as I haven’t trained as well as I have for past races. But the point is to run and walk and enjoy being someplace I always wanted to visit. To enjoy this time away from work with my wife, my best friend.

My lesson from today is that life is good. It’s difficult at times, as the people in Haiti discovered this week with the earthquake they experienced. It’s challenging, as my college son who was diagnosed with diabetes last year has learned. It’s creative, as my daughter has learned from the various doors that have opened for her. It’s joyous, as my son who was married last summer discovered.

It’s also purposeful. I have always been fortunate to have work I love that is challenging, creative, fun, and results oriented. More than that, I have a family that tolerates me and loves me and lets me act all fatherly and smart, even when I’m not.

Monday begins my new era. Can I make twenty thousand more? Possible, but not likely. What I can do is make each day I do have one I can be proud of. I’ve learned a lot, but there is so much more. And the journey of time moves forward whether you are ready or not. I’m prepared. Onward!

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  1. laurieNo Gravatar
    January 16, 2010 | 4:59 pm

    Whoa. Good luck with the half-marathon!


    timNo Gravatar Reply:

    Thanks Laurie! And thanks for being the first to comment on my blog.


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