A Major Milestone

milestone20,000 days. I am crossing that milestone in just a few weeks. It’s not one that people usually recognize. It doesn’t fall on a birthday. Our calendar doesn’t alert you to its arrival. It just comes and goes for many people.

20,000 days. How many of those days can I bring to mind? I can think of hundreds of events in my life, thousands actually, but they aren’t all cross-referenced by the day they happened. Some are, of course.  Events that are related to birthdays, Christmas, my wedding day, or other significant day. But so many of the meaningful moments happened on random days throughout my life.

There likely was a lesson in every one of those days. In this blog, I will recall those lessons that, in retrospect, had the most value to me. Those lessons that I actually heeded and that led me to who I am.

A headstone tells who you were – minimally. A milestone tells who you can become. It creates possibilities.

My 20,000 day milestone says I have experience. Experience that can guide me to better possibilities, better tomorrows. I encourage you to stop by from time to time and see what experiences I am drawing upon, and maybe contribute your own.

What’s your next milestone?

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